So, in 2 days I’m starting out on my first ever bike packing adventure.

Myself and two friends, Gary and Chris are about to undertake our first ever multi day ride. 160 miles off-road in 5 days.

I’m Richard by the way, although I normally go by Rich or Billy.

Nine months ago I decided it was time to sort myself out, get fit and achieve something memorable. I was the wrong side of 19 stone (260 lbs), nearing 40, and very very unfit. I’d started mountain biking a year earlier, convincing my friend Gary to join me, and was really loving it. But I was struggling. Our local 5 mile loop was hard work, and completing it without stopping was a rarity. I needed to do something.

I was looking for something that I could do regularly, didn’t cost much and I’d enjoy so I took up running. A brief chat with a fellow school dad, Chris, resulted in a running buddy who got me started and stuck with me going from 100m at a time to having just run 10k in 1h 2 mins. He has become a biking buddy and now a good friend.

So, here we are today, 9 months on, 4 stone (56 lbs) lighter, way fitter and preparing for a 5 day bikepacking trip across Dartmoor and Exmoor here in the UK.

This blog is to document this adventure, and hopefully many more to come with half marathons, triathlons and mountain bike races already being discussed. Where will I go? What will I end up doing? I have no idea, but I am loving my new lease on life, thirst for challenges and enjoyment of adventures.

If I could inspire just one person to go out and explore new things, get fit and be healthier then I’d be a very happy man.

We also decided to do this ride for charity, picking one each, see the story here about my struggle with depression and why I was supporting Mind.

Thanks for reading



3 thoughts on “Background

  1. I’m Richards mum very proud of him know how hard it’s been for him to get to this point. With him all the way good luck to all of you and thanks to Chris and Gary for supporting and helping him to get to this point. Margaret πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’‹


  2. What you have achieved Rich in these past couple of years is beyond anything we could have even thought about. And thats before your bike ride
    I wish you, Chris and Gary every success for the next few days


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