Dartmoor, Exmoor & Quantocks Day 3 – Just one easy climb

From the route we’re following it looked like day 3 should’ve been an easier ride than the day before. And in some ways it was. But to clarify, easier than yesterday does not mean easy, just in case you were wondering.


As we wer camped in a field, we quickly got packed up and set off early, it started with some road riding, it was up hill, but riding uphill on the road begins to feel easier on the 3rd, no idea why, but it did.

We quickly turned off into the bridal paths, following fields and streams. Unfortunately this path seems to have been lost over the years, and every turn we took made it less clear where to go next. we crossed the same stream so many times, as the path seemed to appear, then it’d be gone again. Eventually we made it out and got back onto the roads heading towards the Tarr Steps.


The roads leading down to the Tarr Steps were steep and never ending, so much so that my back brake ended up smoking, the disc had the purply blue haze you get on metal when it’s been over heated. It never worked the same again.

Thankfully we had the promise of a ford crossing and ice-cream to aim for. And what an ice-cream it was. We met a few interesting people whilst sat here, including an Australian lady who point out that our ‘Jungle Juice’ insect repellant is nothing like the ‘proper’ stuff you get in Australia, “Bloody mozzies, what you need is Deet” (in your best accent)

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 14.50.22.png

Heading out of hear we got a bit lost again, as the paths we were meant to follow didn’t appear, we found something near but as climbed it was like a jungle, well bracken and brambles, but it was so overgrown it felt like a jungle.

With the final push to the highest point on the ride, off we set for Dunkery Point. We were due an early finish, so we made a real effort to get to there as soon as we could. we arrived at 5:30, with time to relax, cook some food and listen to the football, before a we deserved sleep.



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