Dartmoor, Exmoor & Quantocks Day 5 – End of days

On our final day, and after the late night camp fire we had a lazy start. cooked some food and slowly packed up. The final warmth form last nights camp fire was just dying away.

We had the most fantastic woodland single track ride, what a way to start the morning, and what a way to start your last day. Worth coming back for, again.

And on to more climbing. You can never have too many climbs in a day. Up toward the top of Quantocks again. It started getting very hot, reminding us how much harder it could have been if the heat had been there for the rest of the week.


Loads more ponies, I may have forgotten to mention, but Dartmoor, Exmoor and the Quantocks have loads of ponies, plenty of sheep and cows also just wandering everywhere

Quite a few downhill sections on this day, which was a welcome change. Lovely riding again, we were loving some of the router this day.


We then had our biggest straight hill downward run yet, getting a massive 37.6mph. it felt strange to find a straight road round here.

Then onto even more overgrown paths full of nettles and brambles. Our favourite. And this time we had hundreds of flies to deal with – mouth shut – squint eyes – hope for the best…

For Gary and Chris, my fantastic riding buddies who joined me on this amazing trip “Only 10 miles left, just round the corner, practically downhill all the way.”

We are done and on our way home.


Our bikes did amazing, only 3 punctures to slow us, for a brace of budget bikes, they did us proud.


And my ride, fully kitted up


Would I do this again? You bet I would….

Where to next? Brecon Beacons? Scotland? Who knows…


8 thoughts on “Dartmoor, Exmoor & Quantocks Day 5 – End of days

  1. Just came across this blog while looking for Exmoor bikepacking related sites. Congratulations guys, sounds an awesome trip. I live in Washford on the foothills of Exmoor and cycle the Quantocks weekly and Bikepack on Exmoor regularly so I know all about the hills! Similarly to you, I took up cycling a year ago after an 8 year break to lose weight and get fit, lost 2 stone but more importantly fell in love with cycling again and now get out as much as I can. If I knew you were coming this way I could have dropped off some well earned beers to the campfire! I hope this blog inspires others and happy cycling guys, well done.


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