The Next Challenge

It’s been a while, life has overtaken my new found thirst for adventure, exercise has taken a back seat, but I’m back.

So it’s time for the next challenge. My fellowing bike-packing and running buddy Chris has taken part in many events including marathons and triathlons. Whilst I do like the idea of running a marathon, or even half to start with, time is in short supply and being able to dedicate 2-3 hours every weekend for the long run isn’t possible. So the next idea was a triathlon (I’m hoping more short training sessions will work better for this).


Image source

I went along last year and cheered Chris on as he took part in the Peterborough Monster Mojito Triathlon (in the below pictures), and thought to myself “one day…” It looks like that ‘one day’ has come around a lot quicker than I thought and in May 2019 I will be taking part in the Peterborough Triathlon. It is a 1.5km open water swim, 38km bike ride followed by 10km run. Just to set the starting point, the longest (and only) race I’ve ever taken part in is a 10km run, and whilst we rode our mammoth bike-packing ride last year, my fitness regime has been lacking in recent months.

The next 3 months will be a busy time preparing for this. Over winter I built myself a road bike as I was hoping to enter the Peterborough Gran Fondo. I’ve always been a baggy shorts wearing mountain biker so I need to get over my fear of wearing lycra in public.


The first test of the bike will be this weekend, hoping it doesn’t fall apart 20 miles from home, or me for that matter.

My training regime will be a combination of running, cycling, rowing machine, HITT training and swimming for the next 3 months, ideally losing a further stone would help as well.

I was always a fast food, sugary drink and biscuit junkie. These days you’re more likely to find me with a bag of oranges and apples than a packet of biscuits. I’m also learning more healthy meals, trying to make sure I’m getting enough of all the good things; my current technique is to through as many colours of veg into anything I’m cooking. My go-to meal at the moment is Chicken Fajitas. (hopefully this will soon be a link to my made up recipe for quick and simple fajitas)

IMG_1981 (1)

My previous 10km race was my first and only race, and the aim was just completing it. I want my first triathlon to be about getting a good time, rather than just getting round.

Here goes nothing….


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